Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Not too long ago, I discovered the website, and book Who What Wear.
It is the absolute most amazing thing of my life. I know that sounds pathetic, but I honestly love it. I have always loved celebrities, and all of that, but the main reason I love it all is their world of fashion. I would watch movies and award shows and choose my favorite dresses/ outfits, then go hunt the designers down online. It got to the point where I could find trends in which celebrity was wearing which designer, and I could find alterations they would make to the runway looks. This site was made for me. They don't worry about who is dating who, or how many kids Jon and Kate are fighting over, instead they know EVERYTHING about ANYTHING ANYONE is wearing. Its beautiful. They talk about trends, and everyday they make a post... except on the weekend (which are very sad days for me) Every morning I wake up and cannot wait to check the site. Definitely check it out, and hopefully it will help you appreciate fashion a little bit more!

Back To Blogging

So I've decided to return to the blog. Lately facebook has been bugging me... I'm starting to get friend requests from people I don't even recognize and who's profile pictures I "think" are halloween costumes?... get excited blogspot.