Monday, August 30, 2010


alma. i will name a little girl alma.
after this book that i fell in love with.

cousin recommended it, and i can't thank her enough.

red. lipstick.

i. miss. london.
i'm in class, and my history of creativity teacher just played a video that included british accents... it made me miss everything.

ps. today on campus i met someone who served his mission in London South. he knew my ward. he knew the building we met in. and i couldn't stop smiling.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


last night marissa, kelsey and i went to a release party at barnes and noble for suzanne collin's novel mockingjay.

we judged a fashion show, and ended up getting to cut 1000 people in line
we participated in archery and kelsey got a perfect score- much to our surprise
we got mockingjay tattoos on our forearms [it made me feel pretty hard core today]
marissa and i stayed up reading till three o'clock in my new apartments twin bed
we ate in silence at ihop with our books next to our plates

so basically we are really cool. and basically i'm going to attend more release parties
because they're fun. and i'm fun.

Friday, August 20, 2010

best news.

oh my gosh. i knew there was a reason i set a goal to wait a while before i got married. anthropologie is launching a wedding line for Spring 2011. Yes. a wedding line. are we kidding?? i drool over their website daily, i can only imagine what these dresses are going to look like.

heaven help me, and my future wedding budget.

Friday, August 13, 2010

i'm thinking of you

i spent the weekend in logan with my cousins and grandma. i had so much fun. i worked on a quilt, went on a hike, ate at the best restaurants, took a zumba class at the sports academy and so much more! i've always loved logan and hyrum, and every time i go up there i think to myself- why don't i do this more often?? it is so much fun, and a great little getaway.

my grandma had a
typewriter she let me play around on while i was at her place. she thought it was absolutely hilarious that i wanted to mess around with her 'antique', but i came back the next day with a little creative project in mind. i made a bunch of thank you/birthday cards etc. and i am in love with them. their perfect- simple. and just my style.
i had the most amazing time with my grandma hearing stories of her and my grandpa and just talking about life. i look up to her so much and am so excited about the possibility of seeing her more often next year!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Dancing at discos
Eating cheese on toast
Yeah you make me merry make me very very happy
But you obviously, you didn't want to stick around
I can be alone
I can watch a sunset on my own

.kate nash

counting dots

utah is NOT boring.
i AM boring.

oh my gosh i need a hobby so bad.