Thursday, July 29, 2010

the taylor guitar.

i'm 50% sure this picture is of me, jake, and the guitar...
but I'm 50% it isn't.

it just looks like us- I laugh and make the pictures blurry, and he sings me songs.

but you want to know whats different? (besides the dress with no sleeves)
Jake is a way better singer than "fake" jake.
i can tell.
every song he sings sounds better than the cd. he's incredible- and i tell him that every time.
i tell him everything actually-

ps- i found an apartment for next year! OLD ACADEMY here i come.

late but needed.

my sister amber had a birthday on the 26th! she lives in DC, and i swear that place keeps drifting further away.

not a day goes by that i don't wish she was with me.
whenever i tell people about amber i never leave out the word 'peacemaker'
she was the one who always broke up the fights and calmed everyone down.
she's the best cook i know, and always shares her itunes library with me.

i definitely do not call her as much as i should- mainly because it reminds me how much i miss her, but i always ask her for advice and love her with all my heart!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

unpacking my summer.

it's weird to be home.
it's weird to unpack a suitcase and use shampoo from a big bottle.
i feel weird- like i don't remember what home is.

i looked into my closet and felt so overwhelmed. too many choices. too many colors. too big of a decision. So i wore the same outfit for 2 days.

Real life is overwhelming- just like my closet. I have too much to do and too many decisions to make! It's weird that I'm no longer being shuffled around the world with
no strings attached anywhere- I have real things to do now.

i can't believe i'm home from all my amazing adventures. i have had the most incredible summer of my life. I have learned more than i ever thought i would, and i made friendships that i never want to end!! Now it's time for me to use all that I have seen and learned to be happy!

it's weird to be home, but it's so good to be home.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

evil jihad.

Day 6. currently I am in paris.. i spent 3 days in new york and have been in france ever since. Today was epic, so I decided to blog about it from my hotel lobby on a computer the size of a lunchable. It may be long.. and it may be boring… no wait, it wont be boring.

I woke up and went to the louvre. Then Jessica, taylor and I went to the opera house with our two professors. It was so beautiful. Afterwards, us three decided to venture off on our own for the day, and this is when the crazy fun began.

First we went to notre dame and Jessica got approached by gypsy’s, fun? No.

We did however manage to cut in front of 300 people in line to enter the cathedral. Our professors told us we had some ‘fast pass’ to museums, we learned that was not even a little bit true. Then we found the line for the climb to the top, it was ridiculously long! So… we met henri, and tried to flirt our way to the top. In the end he told us we could come back at night and he would let us in the front of the line.

So off we went to the metro where we found the greatest restaurant. Such good crepes, for such a good price. 11 euro’s for 3 girlies. We may have gotten each a ham and cheese one, and a nutella crepe to share. I got to order for us in my fluent french once taylor was dumbfounded at the counter. We even got to watch the adorable Frenchman make our meal. We sat on a cobblestone corner and laughed till we couldn’t keep our soda down- quite literally… a woman tripped on the sidewalk, and we all lost it.

Now the real story begins. We were on our way to the Eiffel tower to get some more pictures, and we all had our metro passes in hand. The aisle I went down was clogged with people from india crawling under the barrier with lots of class. So I was forced to change aisles and as I was doing so, one of these Indians tried to slip through the barrier with me, as I passed through. I was angry at this free loader and turned around to express my disgust with a classic glare and some smack-talk. As I was returning my train ticket to its “home” in my wallet, I was telling Jessica and taylor how ridiculous this fool was. I then panicked when I realized my wallet was missing and I was staring straight at the idiot who took it. Jessica ran through the exit like a jedi as taylor and I made sure it wasn’t still in my purse. We followed her and found him right around the corner with my wallet in his hand. Jessica snatched it from him and then frisked him saying “what else did you take?” “what else did you take” “what else did you take?” I think the fool just walked away, or he could have apparated for all I know, I was just happy I had my wallet back. Despite my missing 10 euros, my wallet was just as I had left it, minus the criminal’s dirty fingerprints. Long story short, we couldn’t back into the metro, so a different Indian let us “free load” back in off his pass…(see the irony?) ultimately, he and taylor got stuck between the two barriers and I almost peed my pants.

After taking pictures at the Eiffel tower, we went to chateau Versailles, and had mcdonalds at a place that probably has its own MTV cribs episode.

We did return to henri, and climbed up an estimated 17 thousand stairs to the top of Notre Dame. We all loved the view because we were there at sunset, and we could see the entire city.

All in all a successful day.