Thursday, February 25, 2010

wizarding world.

can you believe it?
my lifelong dream is coming true!!!!



I went to DC and had the time of my life.

My sister treated me like a princess (like always) and I was SO sad to leave.
I met new friends.
Ate TOO much candy.
Loved the metro.
Remembered my favorite art museum.
Had the greatest valentines day.
Laughed till I cried at a mocktail party.
Drove a car in the District.
Overlooked the city from an 11th floor balcony... in neon sunglasses... in a snowstorm.
Visited my sisters work.
Shopped till I dropped... literally.
Drank starbucks.
Watched a Disney Channel Movie.

and much much more.

I have the greatest sister. She has always been the greatest example to me, and I cannot thank her enough for the best.weekend.ever.