Sunday, July 24, 2011


this is literally the cutest thing i have ever seen <3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


ed sheeran.
my latest music obsession. and such good company on my many bus and metro rides.

you wont be disappointed

on another note, i just realized cheerios have been my last 4 meals... but not anymore, because i just bought some asparagus.

... and i just googled how to cook asparagus


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

miss mya.

mya kate turns 6 today.

6 years ago this little princess came into this world with her little red hair and changed the robinsons forever.

mya kate is such an amazing girl. her beautiful red hair and her smarts are hard to forget. i remember after she was born and was wisked away to north carolina, we got to hear so many sweet stories on the phone. i remember when we visited chapel hill and i couldn't believe i was finally
an aunt!

with two younger siblings, i've seen what an amazing sister mya is. how she's always trying to make mojo laugh and will go run around outside with beckham anytime he asks. she's such a great helper, and the most determined little girl i know.

mya kate is growing up too fast, but she's turning into such a fighter and i love that about her. it was the absolute best thing when her family moved back to utah, and i love that i get to see so much more of her now.

happy birthday princess mya
you are so loved.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

river baby.

river max is 5.

i can't believe he's turning five tomorrow.
time is moving way too fast.

i still remember missing rivers first birthday on my trip to europe with the utah ambassadors. i remember calling home during the party as someone held the phone up to his ear and i wished him a happy day and told him i loved him.
i distinctly remember sobbing my eyes out after hanging up the phone. it broke my heart to be missing the balloons and cake and presents-all in honor of my favorite little boy. it broke my heart to think he wouldn't know i wanted to be there more than anything.

over the past five years i've had to miss many of those birthdays. a summer in utah hasn't happened for quite some time. but i've realized more and more that my favorite part about leaving is coming back in august and catching up with my river dude and re-learning his favorite shows and snacks. we usually get to pick up right where we left off... with scooby doo and m&m's.

my friends always joke that the only way a boy has a chance dating me is to win over river dude- and thats the absolute truth.

i love my little five-year old river dude more than the whole sky.

happy birthday baby boy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

he put a ring on it.

guess who?yes. FINALLY!

this little thing will be joining the robinson family on
and i could not be more excited.

lindsey already feels like my sister and my best friend!

i love brad so much and i am so happy that he found such an amazing girl.
they are great together, and i admire both of them beyond belief.

b.and linds. together forever [1 down. 2 to go]
way to go b. love you <3

hp generation.

i will literally bawl my eyes out.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

this city has a spell on me.

last 4th i was biking in paris.
this 4th i watched fireworks from the airforce memorial overlooking the national mall.

what a life.

[photo creds. to my new roomie al. i'm obsessed with her and her blog. stalk her]

shining all across america.

this little thing came to town and it was just too much.

we laughed too much.
ate too much.
tanned too much.
slept too much.
photographed way too much.

were tourists.
were city people.
were shoppers.
were potbellys.
were slurpee cravers.
were tv watchers.
were tweeters,taggers,bloggers,and facestalkers.

we fireworked. and we posed as two black guys girlfriends in front of the white house for approx. 30 secs.

i love this girl. and i love that we made our own little westview here for the weekend!

xoxo my little navahhhhho