Friday, December 23, 2011

dear mr. gustafson

i can't wait to be your wife.

your forever fiance.


McGiven Family.... said...

Congrats!!!!!! So happy for you! I am coming over today to see that beautiful ring. Love you!

Candace said...

:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chelsea!! YEA!!!! I’m SO excited and happy for you! Congrats kiddo, you’re the best! And you make him sound like he’s the best too! Ah! This is SO happy! Thanks for sharing! Ahh! Congrats you guys, I’m so excited for you both!! :D

P.s. this just made my day. :]

Heather said...

I think he should of proposed at the Farely Family Reunion. Joking. Congrats! I'm so happy for you! p.s. I've been stalking your blog forever.

Cindy Lou who? said...

Hooray!! :) I am so excited for you, you are going to be a stunning bride!